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  • Southern Counties from the Air

denny rowland

Denny Rowland is an internationally renowned photographer and cameraman who specializes in aerial photography. His work covers a vast array of subjects from industrial and environmental survey, to fine art, extreme sports, newsgathering and publishing media. Although a trained UltraMedia-3 Camera operator, Denny has designed and manufactured many of his own gyro-stabilised camera mounts, which have brought about the unique ability to shoot high definition stills at night using film.

Denny's PZL-104 Wilga single-prop aircraft can fly at extremely low speeds - down to 55mph - enabling him to capture pin-sharp images of the ground below. Flying at 1,500ft over urban areas and down to 500ft over the countryside, Denny's recent book, Sussex from the Air, is a collection of outstanding photographs of that famous county. With Southern Counties from the Air for Myriad, Denny spreads his wings to take a fresh look at the best the region has to offer.

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